Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a thriving community of stewards dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of Skeleton Lake for generations to come. We strive to build a culture of environmental stewardship that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and fosters a deep appreciation for the unique natural heritage of this region. Together, we preserve the social spirit of the lake so that it remains a special place where friends and families get together, to create memories and forge new friendships while enjoying the beauty and serenity it affords us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and businesses to work together to protect and enhance the water quality, biodiversity, and scenic beauty of Skeleton Lake. We will achieve this by promoting responsible land use practices, supporting research and education initiatives, and fostering a sense of collective responsibility for the long-term health and sustainability of this valuable resource.

Through collaboration and partnership, we will work to ensure that the lake remains a thriving ecosystem that supports a wide variety of plants and animals, as well as a vital recreational and economic resource for the surrounding community. By taking an active role in preserving the integrity of Skeleton Lake, we will ensure that future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty and opportunities for recreation and enjoyment that we cherish today.